Training (TUE) 2013.04.02

Working primarily on the Hanging Guard for defence, getting in close when needed and dealing with multiple opponents.


Warmup:  loosening & stretching – shoulders, arms, back, waist, legs ; large swinging movements with cudgel to stretch out shoulders & arms (also helps learn your range of movement) ;


  • Hanging guard and uses
  • Hanging guard  & defending vs. multiple opponents
  • Working the Thrust as an attack
  • Defending against the thrust using Outside & Hanging guards
  • True & False Times in relation to using guards/hanging guard and movement with guards
  • V.light sparring drills with three people – testing the hanging guard, moving between opponents, staying aware, finding holes
  • Drill: using Hanging Guard to close in on opponent – to block and get close enough to touch them safely (closest hand or ideally their centre) going underneath your guard

Key Points:

  • Safely move behind the hanging guard
  • Make sure the block is moving forward, not pulled back
  • Recognising where the weapon and opponents positioning is from the feel of the block without looking
  • vs. Kicking – and the natural defensive guards and movements used to block/attack the kick (when armed), or move in against the (step &) kick and so using the body/leg as the True Cross
  • What happens when it’s not safe to kick, both against weapons and without.

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