Training (SUN) 2013.04.07

Working Quarterstaff attacks, blocks and techniques


Ye Olde Quarterstaff

Warmup:  loosening & stretching – shoulders, arms, back, waist, legs ; large swinging movements with cudgel to stretch out shoulders & arms – walking to jogging progression ; squats ; offline movement practice ;


  • Quarterstaff techniques 1-10
  • Quarterstaff Attack practice, technique attacks & varying angles ; varying speeds
  • Quarterstaff blocks – full intent, mech.sound

Key Points:

  • Using the staff for balance and strength & grip training
  • Staff tech #9 – importance of MDM pulling opponents staff around and in once gripped, in order to put them off balance, and use as the opposing balancing movement for lifting the staff as spear across the body and up ready for down/forward spear strike into opponent

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