Training (TUE) 2013.04.09

Working on the foundations of sword & stick work, as well as an introduction of sparring and the problems of dealing with multiple opponents

Warmup:  loosening & stretching – shoulders, arms, back, waist, legs ; large swinging movements with cudgel to stretch out shoulders & arms – walking to jogging progression ; going through Guards – SIMS ; leg raises with other leg bent/sinking on balance leg (for balance, strength & stretch) ;


  • Overview of the Sword Guards and general uses
  • Practice of the Outside & Inside Guard & guard testing
  • True & False Times
  • Blocking using the Inside and Outside guard vs. attack to the left and right neck
  • The importance of the ‘True Cross’, particularly with weapons
  • V.light sparring drill in Pairs, working practiced blocks & attacks
  • V.light sparring Vs. Multiple people (‘Free for All’) but limiting to the Attacks and Blocks practiced – allowed to move, duck, etc as needed.
  • Common knowledge of ‘Distance’, how Distance relates to the available targets, and when you are ‘wide-spaced’
  • Attack/Blocking drill vs. steadily increasing power attacks using the guards practiced

Key Points:

  • Ducking leaves you vulnerable and takes nothing from the momentum of the opponents attack – uses False times vs. True times
  • Importance of Focus (watch the weapon) and aiming for True Cross when blocking
  • Fly out/fall away when hard pressed to give yourself the best chance of defending/safety (if you need to fly out or block


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