Training (SUN) 2013.04.28 – Outdoors


Working core exercises, using the environment and recognising &  using movement and redirection to best effect

Warmup:  squats ; tree pushups ; going offline ; stretching ; branch ducking and covering


  • Sword techniques 01-10
  • Jumping path – fwd & backward  & maintaining immediately grounded balance – incl. throwing out barefist guards
  • Stepping practice
    – including grounding/transferring weight only when footing is steady/testing
    – bending rear knee/releasing to fall/step on to front leg, straighten front leg up, the fall-step onto fwd step (similar to bending knee-releasing leg on steps down to drop/place front foot down)
  • single leg squats – keeping balance ; stepping/jumping to point then squatting on single leg, etc
  • leg raises
  • barefist guards – remembering and emphasising the link between sword technique movements and how that already builds the barefist block and attacks ; getting used to identifying them and using them appropriately ;
    • particularly, being aware of how transitioning between the different sword guards with appropriate intent and body mechanics works those movements/attacks/actions and responses (e.g. low outside to high inside = uppercut)
    • and always project out/fwd when transitioning between guards/attacks/movements to maintain power and protection
  • waist loosening & arm swings ; and using waist to swing heavy arms about to hit certain areas while staying relaxed in the arms & shoulders, both practising on self and applying small redirection to put ballistic strikes into opponent

Key Points:

  • Awareness of movement and body mechanics when transitioning between guards and attacks


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