Training (TUE) 2013.04.30

Dealing with movement and how awareness and relaxation can help fluid attacks and avoidance

Warmup:  stretching, shoulder loosening, waist loosening, arm swings, heavy arms across body/out/around ; guards


  • Projecting fwd on block
  • Using movement & going offline
  • Practice vs. the thrust – using both Outside. & St.George, and how projecting fwd when blocking gives more power, leaves them more wide-spaced and you better protected and in better position to counter, as well as gives better chance to disrupt their form/balance to slow recovery
  • Offline drills, up & down hall
  • Avoiding impact/someone walking at you ; dealing with crowds and movement, incl offline

Key Points:

  • Awareness,  movement & evasion is more effective when relaxed


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