Training (TUE) 2013.03.26

Our first Tuesday class! Good hard work and excellent blocking.

Warmup:  including loosening & stretching – shoulders, arms, back, waist ;


  • Overview of English Martial Arts and what we will be covering, as well as an introduction to a few of the weapons we work with.
  • Overview of the Sword Guards and general uses
  • Brief intro to the Principles, particularly the True & False Times
  • Practice of the Outside & Inside Guard & guard testing
  • Blocking using the Inside and Outside guard vs. attack to the left and right neck
  • Attack/Blocking drill vs. steadily increasing power attacks using the guards practiced

Key Points:

  • The importance the appropriate focus – Watch the weapon
  • Many skills are built on the foundations of the basic guards and attacks
  • Make sure you’re safe even when a drill seems ended – stay in guard and aware until you’re safely out of distance

All brand new

So, this is the new English System Principles blog.

This will be the place to go for what has gone on at the new Tuesday class, anything of interest from the Sunday training, and anything else of interest and will hopefully be useful to anyone practicing English Martial Arts, and anyone interested in weapon work and principles.

The new class starts on Tuesday 26/03/13 so there’ll be something new up here pretty soon after that.

Watch this space!