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Training (TUE) 2013.05.28


Welcoming a new student, and working the basics of the English System, starting with cudgels and most common guards. Good solid work and excellent power blocks.

Warmup:  Stretching ; back stretching ; shoulder loosening ; waist loosening ; walk/jog round the hall with wide swings to stretch out arms and establish range of movement



  • Quick overview of English Martial Arts
  • Demo and overview of the Sword Guards
  • Practice of the Outside & Inside Guard – high & low
  • Explaining the ‘True Cross’ & guard testing
  • Attack vs. Block and counter – using the Inside and Outside guard vs. attacks to the left and right neck
  • Brief intro to Judgement, Distance, True & False Times
  • Intro to Focus & Intent – with demo of the differences in effectiveness when used/not used appropriately
  • Moving blocks and attacks – as above, plus incorporating Low Outside & Inside Guards
  • Attack/Blocking drill vs. steadily increasing power attacks using the guards practiced

Key Points:

  • The importance the appropriate focus – Watch the weapon
  • Importance of aiming to get the ‘True Cross’ when blocking, regardless of the angle of attack coming in ; rather than learning ‘attack specific’ blocks and counters
  • Make sure you’re safe even when a drill seems ended – stay in guard and aware until you’re safely out of distance
  • Remember to practice the Guards and transitioning between them – Many skills are built on the foundations of the basic guards and attacks