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Training (TUE) 2013.04.09

Working on the foundations of sword & stick work, as well as an introduction of sparring and the problems of dealing with multiple opponents

Warmup:  loosening & stretching – shoulders, arms, back, waist, legs ; large swinging movements with cudgel to stretch out shoulders & arms – walking to jogging progression ; going through Guards – SIMS ; leg raises with other leg bent/sinking on balance leg (for balance, strength & stretch) ;


  • Overview of the Sword Guards and general uses
  • Practice of the Outside & Inside Guard & guard testing
  • True & False Times
  • Blocking using the Inside and Outside guard vs. attack to the left and right neck
  • The importance of the ‘True Cross’, particularly with weapons
  • V.light sparring drill in Pairs, working practiced blocks & attacks
  • V.light sparring Vs. Multiple people (‘Free for All’) but limiting to the Attacks and Blocks practiced – allowed to move, duck, etc as needed.
  • Common knowledge of ‘Distance’, how Distance relates to the available targets, and when you are ‘wide-spaced’
  • Attack/Blocking drill vs. steadily increasing power attacks using the guards practiced

Key Points:

  • Ducking leaves you vulnerable and takes nothing from the momentum of the opponents attack – uses False times vs. True times
  • Importance of Focus (watch the weapon) and aiming for True Cross when blocking
  • Fly out/fall away when hard pressed to give yourself the best chance of defending/safety (if you need to fly out or block


Training (TUE) 2013.04.02

Working primarily on the Hanging Guard for defence, getting in close when needed and dealing with multiple opponents.


Warmup:  loosening & stretching – shoulders, arms, back, waist, legs ; large swinging movements with cudgel to stretch out shoulders & arms (also helps learn your range of movement) ;


  • Hanging guard and uses
  • Hanging guard  & defending vs. multiple opponents
  • Working the Thrust as an attack
  • Defending against the thrust using Outside & Hanging guards
  • True & False Times in relation to using guards/hanging guard and movement with guards
  • V.light sparring drills with three people – testing the hanging guard, moving between opponents, staying aware, finding holes
  • Drill: using Hanging Guard to close in on opponent – to block and get close enough to touch them safely (closest hand or ideally their centre) going underneath your guard

Key Points:

  • Safely move behind the hanging guard
  • Make sure the block is moving forward, not pulled back
  • Recognising where the weapon and opponents positioning is from the feel of the block without looking
  • vs. Kicking – and the natural defensive guards and movements used to block/attack the kick (when armed), or move in against the (step &) kick and so using the body/leg as the True Cross
  • What happens when it’s not safe to kick, both against weapons and without.