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Training (SUN) 2013.04.28 – Outdoors


Working core exercises, using the environment and recognising &  using movement and redirection to best effect

Warmup:  squats ; tree pushups ; going offline ; stretching ; branch ducking and covering


  • Sword techniques 01-10
  • Jumping path – fwd & backward  & maintaining immediately grounded balance – incl. throwing out barefist guards
  • Stepping practice
    – including grounding/transferring weight only when footing is steady/testing
    – bending rear knee/releasing to fall/step on to front leg, straighten front leg up, the fall-step onto fwd step (similar to bending knee-releasing leg on steps down to drop/place front foot down)
  • single leg squats – keeping balance ; stepping/jumping to point then squatting on single leg, etc
  • leg raises
  • barefist guards – remembering and emphasising the link between sword technique movements and how that already builds the barefist block and attacks ; getting used to identifying them and using them appropriately ;
    • particularly, being aware of how transitioning between the different sword guards with appropriate intent and body mechanics works those movements/attacks/actions and responses (e.g. low outside to high inside = uppercut)
    • and always project out/fwd when transitioning between guards/attacks/movements to maintain power and protection
  • waist loosening & arm swings ; and using waist to swing heavy arms about to hit certain areas while staying relaxed in the arms & shoulders, both practising on self and applying small redirection to put ballistic strikes into opponent

Key Points:

  • Awareness of movement and body mechanics when transitioning between guards and attacks


Training (TUE) 2013.04.16 – Outdoors

Getting into more advanced ideas and introducing deeper thinking about the Principles, Movement and overlaps between techniques. And working in fading light, the dark safely, together with how to maximise your safety when sight isn’t good.

Good solid work, good thinking and adapting to an unstable environment.

Warmup:  loosening & stretching – shoulders, arms, back, waist, legs ; large swinging movements with cudgel to stretch out shoulders & arms – walking blocks ;  moving round area & through obstacles with different blocks ; going through the guards


  • Moving around the outdoor area through the trees/bushes and noting which guards are best for protecting the heabill_single_blurd/face in close vs.branches, etc
  • English Bill intro & getting used to moving the weapon
  • Bill technique 01 – needing to wide-space the opponents bill & breaking down the pull after hooking the St.George guard
  • Mechanics of thrusting and hooking with the bill
  • Body mechanics of the hooks & particularly the pull afterwards, and the difference between ‘physical/strength’ pulling and ‘MDM & grounding’
    [with practice vs.trees and vertical held bill shaft supported by person, etc]
  • Introducing looking at the techs/movement & principles with a analysing eye – ‘core’ principles
  • engaging targets & understanding the environment – pushing, pulling, re-angling to feel any obstacles, and understanding what this means, physically and mentally
  • using the tree/branch with the Bills – delving further into the idea of  physical awareness, particularly in the dark and with obstacles, using the extended guard to engage an obstacle and Hanging Guard to protect, and move under safely


Key Points:

  • Thinking about what a movement involves, how it affects your balance, power generation, etc
  • Moving back when throwing an attack robs the attack of power
  • Learning tools to understand techniques and movement and getting used self-checking in relation to the above